Summer in Rome? Bike sharing!

You’ll find the bikes in 27 stations sharing. Must enroll in one of 10 authorized ATAC ticket offices, located at many metro stations A and B, by buying 10 euros (5 for 5 as the first card andcharging) smart cards that are used to operate the system. Subsequent refills are free amount.

The 10 points – Termini Station, Lepanto, the Spanish     Steps, Anagnina,Ottaviano, Cornelia, Battistini  Eur Fermi, Laurentina – operate on weekdays from 7 to 20, on holidays between 8 and 20.

Once you have decided how to move, remember to look up often …. rooftops and balconies of Rome are magicalflowers bloom!

You want a tip to start the tour?

Via Giulia….

alongside the River Tiber in the area between Piazza Navona and Piazza Venezia.

Then, enjoy a wonderful espresso coffee in the historic café  S. Eustachio, in Piazza S. Eustachio, indeed! All the people that live in Rome know where it is, just ask, is not far!It is not exactly a refined place,,,, but the coffee is very good.

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