It’s raining man….

Holiday period but,,,, who has not happened a day of rain?:(
That’s why it helps to have a plan to “escape” from the boredom!

This is a proposal for a different day in Rome……

First of all: Breakfast!

CANOVA TADOLINI, Via del Babuino.

You can have your breakfast exactly in a  ” museum”.

This was the workshop of the famous sculptor Antonio Canova.

Then, I would say that a visit to the ARA PACIS  is the top …
After that you can continue and go to the PANTHEON!
This is a gem!
The temple has a hole in the center of the ceiling . .. into rain falls, making a great scenic

Tired? Then a stop right in Piazza di Pietra, at SALOTTO  42, is what you need …
Is a very nice bistrot…
And if it doesn’t stops raining … then what can put you back in peace is a visit all’ACQUAMADRE HAMMAM, Via S. Ambrogio 17.
Delicious ….

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