Stand in line for the Vatican Museums?

Every time I walk past the Vatican walls,  I’m  impressed by the long queue that sometimes comes up in Via di Porta Angelica, straight to St. Pietro!

However, you can greatly reduce the wait, maximun  of 30 minutes,  joining a guided Tour or by buying your ticket online!

One thing is for sure …. it’s worth it!

And at the end of the visit,

maybe you are not too tired to follow a lesson in Yoga at BIKRAM-YOGA, Via Aurelia 190, at 10 minutes walking from the Museum!

English sessions scheduled on Tusday at 6,15 p.m, and on Wednesday at 9,30 a.m. One lesson costs 25 euro.

Dennis experience on july 2011: “Great little yoga studio. You’ll need a little yoga after a few days of primi, secondi, contorni and dulce and this is a good place to sweat it out. Could be a tad hotter for the real heat misers, but otherwise a great experience. 50 euros for a weekly pass is a pretty good deal!”


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