The names of the streets of Rome

The shops of artisans in Rome, in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, were grouped in the same streets.So, when you walk through the historical center of Rome, take a look at street names!

Via dei Cappellari — Street of the hats artisans

Via dei Baullari — Street of Trunks artisans

Via dei Giubbonari — Street of Coats artisans

Via dei Chiavari — Street of Keys artisans

Via dei Sediari — Street of Chairs artisans

Via dei Balestrari —  Street of Croosbows artisans

The famous Street of Antiques, right next to Piazza Navona, is  Via dei Coronari, that was the Street of  Crowns and Rosaries!

And not everyone knows that it was right in Vicolo del Bollo that the jewelers took items in gold and silver and mark them with the seal!


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