Aperitif…in Rome

One of the most relaxing moments of the day …


In Italy we love to meet friends at the Happy Hour time!

You don’t need to drink alcoholic drinks…

Wine is fine, but you can have so many different choices as….

CRODINO : a fizzy refreshing herbal orange soft drink

SPRITZ: Aperol, white dry wine, soda water

CHINOTTO: soda pop with bitter herb extracts, so 60s!

ACQUA TONICA: bitter and quinine soda

REDBULL: energy drink

BITTER: slightly alcoholic red drink, flavored with herbs

all the NON ALCOHOLIC fruit-based COCKTAILS

And usually the drink is accompanied by snacks of any kind, or includes a dedicated small “tapas” buffet! 

For a delicious drink in a very nice place, I go to CANOVA, in Via del Babuino, or for an early evening , to Bar del Fico or at  Caffè della Pace, near Piazza Navona!


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