The evening in Rome: Concerts in Churches and Archaeological sites

During the autumn, Rome offers to locals and tourists, the beauty of the concerts in many churches!I always go listen to wonderful concerts in St. Agnese in Agone, in Piazza Navona. Tickets can be purchased at the entrance of the church and  cost 12 euros.

You can also find many concerts, held free of charge, in the churches that host International groups of Singers and Orchestras.

The last concert I attended was the performance of  Vivaldi Strings Group, at the Oratorio del Caravita, a small church in Via del Caravita, near Via del Corso.

Another very pleasant evening, always with the music, in an archaeological context of rare beauty is the Concerts of the Temple at Theatre of  MarcelloVia del Teatro di Marcello 44, till October 2, every evening from 20.30h to 22.00h.


In case of bad weather Concerts will be held indoors. Ticket cost  21 euro. (18.00 euros  for the Concert  + 3.00 euros for access to the archaeological site)

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