Chatting of Italy….

How to “survive” abroad?

I think it’s wonderful discover local customs!

That’s why  these advices might be of interest:

In Osterie, Trattorie and Restaurants, if you ask for Wine by the glass, remember to taste the wines chosen by the restaurateurs!

These are served by the glass but also in a pint or quart …ask for:

” The wine of the house”

” Il vino della casa“.

It is generally good and at competitive prices.

As well as if you go to the Bar to have the famous Cappuccino, so called because the foam mixed with the coffee resembled the robe of the Cappuccini monks,  do not forget to ask for  a:

” Warm, creamy, foamy and with lots of cocoa  Cappuccino! “

Un Cappuccino caldo, cremoso, con molta schiuma e tanto cacao!

It makes the difference!!!

Italians are not used to drinking milk after the main meals of lunch and dinner, because is thought that milk does not promotes digestion.

However, if you want a Cappuccino at five in the afternoon, you can ask it without problems, no one will look at bad! 🙂

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