FASHION in Rome: Luxury living!

Are you walking in the centre of Rome?

For a dip in the lux ….. continue towards Piazza di Spagna, and look for Via Bocca di Leone 46.

Here you will find FLEUR, a concept store where surf the lightness of the home gallery, the boutique, the flower design and the tea shop & gastronomy!

I’ve been there few days ago and I can recommend you the  lovely young lady, Alessia, the sales manager of the Boutique.

Is a very expensive shop, as Lux is,  but Alessia will follow you in your special request with an exquisite kindness and competence!

Kindness is priceless…

In the boutique you will find many famous brands and unusual creations of  Italian and foreign designers!

And in this context, take a look at the site of  Vanessa Bruno…  a kind of “creative short movie”! 


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