Satisfy the palate in Rome!


 Rome is beautiful … the sights are wonderful, the colors at sunset are crazy … but also the palate, will have his memories of Rome!

Do not just eat sandwiches, although they are tasty ….but explore the many flavors of Italian cuisine in the many taverns and small restaurants scattered around the city!

I had already given you some advices, in old posts, which are collected in “Eat wisely,”  in the section Rome, on the right.

Did you already have tried my suggestions? So, I recommend, now that autumn is approaching, do not miss a delicious lunch at “PALATIUM”, Enoteca Regionale, Via Frattina94.

Restaurant in the heart of Rome, fast and efficient service, it offers traditional dishes made with local products, as the crispy fried cod, the  Gricia Spaghetti, the baked pumpkin flowers, the Tonnarelli Cacio and pepe …. and the very good desserts. I’ll get you the recipes in future posts! Follow me in the COOKING CLASS!

By the way, the wine list alone is worth the stop!

Also you can buy the products you have tasted, and that are exposed, practically all over the place!

Enjoy! 🙂

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