Local Cuisine and Special dining experience in Rome

A good reason to enjoy the flavors of local cuisine, is the one that drives you to a Ristorante del Buon Ricordo– restaurant of good memories!
The name itself…

Popular restaurants, offering a “specialty” of the Buon Ricordo – Good memories,  a representative dish of the area in which they operate. 
Those who taste the specialties, receive a free ceramic plate, commemorating the restaurant and the specialty itself: a gift that intended to fix the “good memories” of a special dining experience. 
This tip goes for anyone who is walking in Rome and that will find the addresses of restaurants HERE

for those who are at home and are thinking ….
what I prepare for lunch?

Here we are!


Easy, fast, good,  from a recipe of a famous Italian chef …. 

350 gr grated pecorino cheese seasoned
PLENTY of pepper
400g spaghetti
hot water from the pasta

Cook the spaghetti in boiling salted water for 8, 10 minutes. The spaghetti should be “al dente“!

Drain the pasta, but hold a little of the cooking water.
Put the spaghetti in an hot bowl, sprinkle with a LOT of pepper, add the Pecorino cheese and gradually add the cooking water, to form a cream.
Serve the spaghetti in hot dishes! 

This is the secret: the hot cooking water allows the pasta to pull out the starch that, mixed with the cheese, forms the cream of this fabulous sauce!
Buon appetito!

…..see you! 🙂

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