If only Cinderella had known …

If only Cinderella had the address of the Confetteria Conti in Rome… she would have laid the glass slippers!

They are waiting for her, in fact, the sweet chocolate shoes, combined with bags of chocolate, the
latest addition of Confetteria Conti…

Confetti, as you’ve never seen and enjoyed, framed: almonds and lemon juice or orange juice or Grand Marnier … chocolate with coffee, whiskey, cinnamon, pepper, eggnog, mint …white chocolate with pear, tangerine, apple green .

If you enter into this corner of sweetness, you will be greeted by the exquisite courtesy of the Responsible Manager, Ms. Stefania, and her collaborators, who will accompany you in tasting, you got it, these small masterpieces of flavor!

You may think bringing delicious packages of 500 grams, or 1 kg of Confetti of your choice, for a, definitely, different GIFT from Rome!

                                                                                                            …see you! 🙂

Via di Campo Marzio, 44
tel. +39 06 68301775
email roma@conticonfetteria.it

 This is the “language” of colors of Confetti…

“Poets and writers as Leopardi, Carducci, Verga, Pascoli and D’Annunzio, have written about a candy sweet that enriched meals and important ceremonies: the Confetti.

For every festivity, there is a different color of candy:
the wedding is white, indicating the purity of the bride

              in Baptism, pink for girls, indicating the color of blood and 
                    then female fertility;
                                  and blue for boys, indicating the color of the sky 
                                                 and then the future moral elevation.
   At the wedding of gold, colored gold confetti
                      at the wedding of silver, colored silver confetti
                          confetti red for graduation
                              the green confetti for promise of marriage and…. so on.” 

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