Make Fashion not War…

Are you thinking of making a gift to yourself? A fashion item, different, original and that can be a unique souvenir? STOP! Exactly! Make a stop in the Vicolo della Torretta 18, by DODI.

In the heart of Rome, this small boutique, will ravish you with its colors…

Wander the creations of the Princess Sophie  von Habsburg, as the bag on which”slide” golden brass snake! € 470,00

Also have jewelry creations, like this bracelet band in fabric, velvet and applications Berber style! €80,00

My favorite …the DODI bags , in fabric, brocade, embroidered with applications … All different, each is a unique handmade piece! € 200,00

This and much more, by DODI, the Donatella’s boutique, gracious charmante lady who waits for you for a tea and a chat….                                                                                                                …..see you! 🙂

DODI, Vicolo della Torretta 18, Roma phone:+39 06 68802160


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