An Evening in Rome: the art-house cinema

The Roman evenings are beautiful! But tonight it seems that weather is not the best... If you have not decided yet what to do tonight ….why don’t you go to see an essai movie?

ART THEATRE GUILD OF JAPAN – ATG,  From October 4 to November 17, movie projections at 19.00 

Thursday October 13 Japanese Cultural Institute  NINGEN JOHATSU(A man vanishes) a movie of Shoel Imamura, at 19.30, in its original language, with subtitles in English. (1967, 1.30′)
                                                                           Free entry.

“Film director and the troupe investigate the search for the boyfriend of a young woman.” To sum up, if you do not speak Japanese, patience, you will follow in English!

Via Antonio Gramsci 74, Roma

……see you!

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