Eating something… “just picked”!

Do you want to eat something…”just picked”?

Today, go to the organic market “Mercato Campagna Amica”, a market dedicated to natural products!

There’s a great variety of products, including many from certified organic production, stalls of fruit and vegetables, meat from cows raised on pasture, honey, oil, wine, cheese and salami from Lazio.

From some of the small “tasty” stands, you can eat the ham, cut with a knife, and drink an unusual but fabulous beer, as KeToRePorter: black beer with an aroma of coffee and cocoa and hints of spice.

Finally, if you live in Rome, don’t miss the distributor of raw milk where, at 1 euro, you can buy a liter of whole milk unpasteurized (remember to bring the glass bottle from home!).

Mercato Campagna Amica, Via di San Teodoro – Circo Massimo
from 10.30 to 19.00

……..see you!

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