FASHION comes out of a HAT…

Fashion as design?
Fashion as search for unusual details?

Here’s an intriguing address:
Barbara Guidi, Via dei Gracchi 106, Rome

It is a small laboratory-boutique, where Barbara shows her creations!
Among all the hats that, as a light brush strokes of color, occupy small niches on the walls. From 45 euros.

Also the clothes are designed by her, made ​​mainly with  Florentine
fabrics and manufactured by artisan dressmakers, as the burgundy wool jacket at 220 euros.

Moreover, if you want something unique… then head for the jewelry in silk, wool and cotton.
Small fabric art works that can become headbands.
From 65 euros.

If you are walking in Prati district, it is worth making a stop there!

barbara guidi
Via dei Gracchi 106, Roma

                                                                                                              ………..see you!

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