A tasty “Etruscan” stop…

You just got off the Cruise ship in Civitavecchia and you have decided to spend a  beautiful day in Tarquinia?
After an initial walk through this small and charming town, do you want to make a tasty stop?

There are many restaurants in the medieval style, carved out in macco, a  yellowish limestone, used in the Etruscan period.

Among all I sugget the AMBARADAM restaurant.

You will eat right on the ancient Etruscan ruins that you can see under the floor, through a glass case.
But, while you enjoy the delights of the kitchen, ask Luciano, one of the owners, to tell you the story of this restaurant and you will be surprised by the historical attention that has been paid.

The palate will surely be satisfied by the original and well presented plates as the rich starters,

the Chestnuts delight (cooked chestnuts wrapped in bacon, rosemary, and

covered with honey), or the Maremmana (tasty morsels of meat, presented ​​with three fabulous dipping sauces)

or the Crema Catalana (the famous cream, covered with sugar, which is caramelized at the moment, by Anna, a lovely young lady of the staff)….

Well, after you have well eaten and well drunk, are you ready to explore the vast treasury of art of  Tarquinia?

AMBARADAM Restaurant – Piazza Matteotti 14,Tarquinia
Phone:+30 0766857073

So, do not forget… see you, tomorrow!

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