Etruscan Treasure: TARQUINIA

Not all tourists arrive in Rome by plane.
Many arrive by bus or by train or by car… many with the cruise ship!

Especially these have one or two days to visit as much as possible ….then, in addition to the indispensable visit to Rome, here is the second essential stop: Tarquinia!

UNESCO World Heritage Site, welcomes you with its history and its ancient ruins that you can see in the beautiful National Museum of Etruscan treasures,

and visiting the Necropolis.

600 years of history
before Christ!

You must provide almost two hours to visit the museum, and another hour to visit the Etruscan tombs in the Necropolis. You will be amazed!

Tarquinia National Museum, Piazza Cavour, 1a TARQUINIA
(closed on monday)
from 8.30 to 19.30
Tickets price
4 euros
, for the museum only
6.50 euros, for the museum and the Necropolis (suggested!)


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