Tuscany fashion bags

The Italian craftsmen are among the best in the world. They combine creativity with high quality as in the Compagnia Toscana shop of handmade bags, in Rome.

I stopped in front of the store to see close up the prices and I was amazed at value for money!

Great blue bag in little calf  at 120 euros, or a faux leather handbag at 49 euros.

There is a great choice  also with application in fur, but I’m in love with the bags made ​​of Felt, in various colors, for only 39 euros! Believe me, ask to Maria Teresa Enrica, the  sales responsible, she will show you with extreme kindness, all the latest creations!

It’s worth a stop!


Via Marcantonio Colonna,6 Roma
Phone: +39 063214705 

…………see you!

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