Stuffed Tomatoes with eggplant cream and pine nuts

We can even call it the recipe of 4:
In 40 minutes of preparation, and after 40 minutes of cooking, you will have 4 super tasty entrees!

For 4 people:
4 large red tomatoes
40 grams of pecorino cheese
40 grams of  feta cheese
40 grams of pine nuts
bread, grated
olive oil
1) Make a cut on the eggplant and cook it in oven at 200 C°, until it becomes smooth (20/30 minutes)
2) Cut the cover to the tomatoes, empty them and  season with salt. Let them loose the water upside down on a plate.
3) Toast the pine nuts in a pan.
4) Take the pulp of the eggplant (cooled), chop and mix with parsley and cheese, salt and pepper, a bit of bread crumbs and the pin nuts.

Stuff the tomatoes with the mixture, sprinkle the top with bread crumbs, a little olive oil and leave them in the oven at 180C° for twenty minutes.  😉

……………………. see you!

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