Lippi and Botticelli in the Florence of 15th century.

We had a thrilling Halloween and, in the wonderful winter in Rome, after a walk to the Quirinale Hill, we decided to visit the exhibition celebrated at the Scuderie del Quirinaleanother important event of the history of Italian Art.


On the background of the Florence of Lorenzo il Magnifico
in the 15th century, are exposed the masterpieces of Filippino Lippi, compared with the works of his friend and teacher Sandro Botticelli.

Filippino Lippi, great innovative artist in 34 years has produced many works of art, from paintings to frescoes and drawings on paper.

(These photos are details of the Brochure of  the exhibition)

SCUDERIE DE QUIRINALE, Via 24 Maggio 16, Roma
Till 15 of january 2012
Open from Thursday (10.00- 20.00) to Sunday (10.00- 22.30)
Ticket: 10 euros
Info at +39 0639967500

……………………….see you!

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