Dancing and acting: “Quelqu’un va dancer”.

What to do on a November Wednesday evening in Rome? Better to organize the day before…

Do not miss this!

Tomorrow night at the Palladium, from the Roma Europa Festival Program, a fascinating show is waiting for you!

“Quelqu’un va dancer”

is the representation staged by
Radhouane El Meddeb
dancer and actor, comedian and mime.

Creator and performer of the show, he studied at the Institute of Dramatic Arts in Tunis and then landed in France in 1997. And it is here that he founded his own Theater Company SOI and he was noticed by critics as a promising choreographic vocation.
This show promises to be full of surprises, magnetism, and an ironic communicative.

(Photo from the RomaEuropa 2011 Brochure)

PALLADIUM, 9 of November
Piazza Bartolomeo Romano 8, Roma
h 20.30
Ticket: from 16 euros
- Fax: 06.57067769
- Web: www.teatro-palladium.it
- E-mail: info@teatro-palladium.it

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