Delicatessen kitchen

Do you want a different dinner?

Special quality in food and wine, in the center of Rome… Rosciolidelicatessen kitchen.

Actually it looks like a delicatessen, but inside there are many small tables where you can have a nice dinner, tasting delicious cheeses or cold cuts, or choosing from the extremely varied menu card.

Or, if you prefer have an aperitif, you can drink a glass of wine and some tapas at the bar.

Unfortunately the service is not the best, depends on which waiter will serve you! Could be because the owners do not care much for their guests…
It ‘a shame because the quality is really good.
I wish them to improve in the future!

Via dei Giubbonari 21
Closed on Sunday
+39 066875287

……………………………….see you!

2 thoughts on “Delicatessen kitchen

    1. Thanks very much! What you read in my blog is the result of my choices, based only on the quality of the service, of the offer or mood! I also have traveled a lot and I definitely favor the quality …. ps: love your tips!

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