TRY the ImPoSSibLe: Uri Caine and Cifariello Ciardi

RomaEuropa Metamondi Festival 2011 

The Foundation  RomaEuropa is one of the most prestigious institutions in Italy and Europe, for the promotion and diffusion of art, theater, dance and contemporary music,



November 15 at the Palladium, the musicians  Uri Caine (piano, classical, jazz, soul and pop) and Cifariello Fabio Ciardi (Composer and author of the project) will perform “Match Nasdaq 0.2” .

More topical than this!

The two musicians intend to duet with an SpA Corporations around the world, gathered in an imaginative orchestra, trying to put into music the “ups and downs” of the Stock Exchange.

(Photo from the RomaEuropa 2011 Brochure)

PALLADIUM, 15 of November
Piazza Bartolomeo Romano 8, Roma
h 20.30
Ticket: from 16 euros
- Fax: 06.57067769
- Web:
- E-mail:

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