A Concert in the Borromini Sacristy

Those who come to Rome definitely visit Piazza Navona! Beautiful square with an ancient history (at the time of Domiziano, 85 AD, the square was a Stadium…), and magnificent palaces to frame!

This year marks the 200 anniversary of the birth of Franz Liszt.
If you love classical music, I suggest a wonderful sensorial experience: a Concert in the Borromini Sacristy, in the Church of Sant ‘Agnese in Agone, in PiazzaNavona!

Concert with piano and violin, and music of : Liszt, Schubert, Bach, Schumann,  Mendelssohn.


Sant’Agnese in Agone Church , Concerts in the Sacristy
INFO : Tel. +39 0668192134
TICKETS: You can buy tickets inside the Church, one hour before the concert, or by telephone, at 10 euros.
On line Tickets: 15 euros

………………………………….see you!

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