Archeological Tour in the Centre of Rome

And it’s Sunday: a nice walk and a drink outdoors, even in November, in Rome is a must!

Right in Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, in the center of Rome, one of the beautiful small squares in the center, you’ll find some outdoor cafés, very popular.

Main Altar, San Lorenzo in Lucina, Rome. The C...

Right in the Square, and before you sit down for a drink, I suggest you visit the beautiful Basilica of  San Lorenzo in Lucina.

The Basilica built in the IV century AD preserves inside, among other masterpieces, the famous painting of the Crocifissione by Guido Reni.

Directly under the Basilica, recent excavations have unearthed some ruins of Imperial Rome. Right this Sunday, you can enjoy a guided tour at 16.00, that  will lead a group of visitors to explore the basement of the Basilica. Discover one of the secrets of ancient Rome…

Tour: the Archaeological Area under the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Lucina
Sunday november 20th, h 16.30
Meet point at the columns of the Portico of the basilica (on the right)

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