A dip in homemade italian cuisine

You’ve been to S. Pietro.
Wonderful, is not it?

Now the appetite assails you, and you do not want to walk far. I agree.
Head to Castel S. Angelo and go ahead to the Lungo Tevere Mellini.

At number 31, you will find a small restaurant, characteristic, LA DISPENSA DEI MELLINI, a “Tavern” that welcomes you with its pastel colors and its simplicity.

For a quick but tasty meal, with house specialties, like Truffle noodles carbonara, Tuna crusted with sesame seeds and sweet as Babà, with melted chocolate

A hidden address but well-known in Rome…

Lungotevere dei Mellini, 31
Booking at:+39 063212633 

…………………………………. see you!

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