An exquisite “bone” in Rome!

A walk in the area that once was the Jewish Ghetto of Rome, leads you in a sort of “village” in the heart of Rome, where the shops from the distant past, surround you, in the narrow alleys.

Just between these streets, you find The Urbani Bakery, which has been working since 1927, in Piazza Costaguti 30/31.

In this ancient bakery you will find the “bones”, “gli ossi”.

You got it, in this way are called, these crispy buns, soft inside, that reminds a little bit  the “bones”!

These are very special, like the red or white pizza, and the delicious jam tarts.


A quick delicious stop, before continuing your tour!





Piazza Costaguti 30/31, Roma 
+39 0668803012

…………………………………………………see you!

3 thoughts on “An exquisite “bone” in Rome!

  1. mmmmm, now I’m hungry! Italy is one of my very favorite places ever. Thanks for blogging about Rome–will keep in mind if I’m ever lucky enough to return for a visit!

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