Unforgettable “Cheese-gift” from Roma

Your visit to Rome is about to end?  Yeah, I know you’re sorry, but if you bring with you something special….. who knows, maybe you will come back!

Here is the right idea for a gift!

“Beppe and his cheese”!

This is the place where to buy unique delicatessen, with unusual combinations!

Here you will discover the unforgettable flavors, making you enjoy the elegance, authenticity, personality and quality of cheese, combined, for example,  with the structure, elegance and power of  Whiskey and Rum.

Unusual, is not it?

Attached to the store, you will also find a bistrot where you can enjoy their delicious, cold meats and cheeses from the desk, and have a glass of wine among many of the cellar.

If you want to bring with you these fragrant memories…. ask to prepare a suitable pack for the trip that you will do!

No problems!

Via Santa Maria del Pianto 9A
Phone:+39 06 68192210

 ……………………………………………..see you!

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