A noble gestures for man in Rome

Men …. this tip is for you!

In the heart of Rome, a stone’s throw from the Spanish, there is a place out of time: The Ancient Barbieria Peppino.

It’s not just a characteristic shop where you shave, it is a place to sit and enjoy a perfect cut hair,  but also a service of beard with warm clothes to massage the face and “warm the heart”!

All around you, the classic chairs that have seen famous guests, but also nobles, like Ruspoli, Boncompagni, Barberini …

A workshop where professionalism has been handed down from father to son, in the name of tradition.

They use only products of the highest level as the GEO F. Trumper …. just soft cuddling for men.

There is hardly to be envious! 😉

Via dell Vite 33, Roma
Phone: +39 066798404 

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