Jazz on board an historic tram in Rome

A different evening in Rome?

The Tram Jazz

A night of entertainment that simultaneously offers:
a jazz concert,
a delicious candlelight dinner
a tour of the centre of Rome by night…
in a historical cable car, restored and converted in a travelling restaurant and a concert hall.

Roma - Porta Maggiore
Image by gengish via Flickr

The meeting point is in Piazza di Porta Maggiore at 09.00 pm, by the cable car platform near ticket inspectors’cabin.

Here comes  the historic cable car, a 1947 railroad car “Stanga”. You can see the tables prepared through the windows and the lighted candles.

The band, placed in the carousel at the center of the car, starts the first hint of a musical theme, while you enjoy a flute of dry sparkling wine of Lazio…

Then, got on board, you will travel in historic Rome, accompanied by musical performances of the best Jazz Band, enjoying the delicious food of Lazio cuisine.The dinner is entirely prepared by using regional food and wine and supplied by Enoteca Regionale Palatium in via Frattina.


The tram has a capacity of 38 seats and is divided into tables, numbered from  1 to 12.
The number 1 is the nearest table to the band, while the number 12 is the farthest table.

TRAMJAZZ every Friday and Saturday.
The departure is from p.zza di Porta Maggiore at 21.00 and back in the same piazza at 24.00 ( lasting 3 hours)
Price per person: 65 euros
Info and Booking

…………………………………………………….see you!

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