A walk in the green up to the ”Amor Sacro and Amor Profano”

English: The building of Villa Borghese, Roma,...

One of the tours not to be missed is Villa Borghese...
The Villa was built to be a museum, even though it was surrounded by a thriving farm, with vegetable gardens, vineyards, a large aviary and an intense social life made ​​of hunting and cultural meetings.
Unique opportunity to visit the great collection started at the beginning of the seventeenth century by Cardinal Scipione, that brings together masterpieces by Tiziano, BerniniCorreggioCaravaggio and Canova!

IMG 0369 - Villa Borghese
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Moreover, to get up there, as  in these days the weather in Rome is beautiful, you will enjoy the walk in the Park of  Villa Borghese starting from Piazza del Popolo!

A curiosity: the word Popolo(People) is not really for the People but is a transformation of the latin word for Poplar, so this is actually the Square of the Poplar!

But REMEMBER … to visit the Villa Borghese, is necessary to book the ticket!

Information and tickets booking: +39 06 32810
Tuesday to Sunday from 8.30 to 19.30
Entry is permitted up to a half hour before closing
Ticket price: 13.50 euros

……………………………………………………………see you! 

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