A sweet Sunday

If you want to move from the center of Rome, it is worth a visit to PONTE MILVIO!
This bridge dates back to 207 BC, ancient Romans called it the Ponte Molle, first constructed in wood and then, restored over the centuries and built in masonry.

For some time there has been the custom for young lovers to put a lock on the central lamp-post of the bridge and throw the keys into the Tiber … is no longer possible.

However, this whole area is famous for its nightlife for young people, and is full of restaurants and bars.

Right here, in the Via Flaminia, you will find one of the most delicious ice cream in Rome:that of  MONDI!

As the Mondini, delicious scoops of different flavors, covered in delicious milk chocolate with puffed rice and chopped hazelnuts. Try it!

Or ask for a <Cono al gusto “I DUE MONDI”> (Cone flavored TWO WORLDS) Perfect blend of hazelnut and praline meringue.

And do not worry if it’s crowded!
MONDI, Bar, Pasticceria, Gelateria
Via Flaminia Vecchia 468
info:+39 063336466
mon-sun 9.00-19.30
Closed on saturday evening

4 thoughts on “A sweet Sunday

  1. I love your bridge shot. It’s very pretty. (I don’t mind the locks. It’s an interesting idea. They are in Paris, too. Perhaps people just need to “hold on to something” in this fast moving world. Just a thought.) Another great post!

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