Water source of life

Rome, a city rich in ancient squares and fountains.

You may wonder how they managed, in ancient times, to provide water to all and to the many Thermae!

Thanks to the many springs in the vicinity, the Romans managed to build, as early as 321 BC, 11 AQUEDUCTS.
Among these, the sixth in order of creation, was the VIRGIN AQUEDUCT.

The legend traces the name of the VIRGIN AQUEDUCT, in fact, to a virgin, subsequently renamed the Nymph of the Springs, which suggested to the soldiers of Agrippa, the exact location of the springs.

Aqueduct Virgin, about 20 kilometers, is the only one still running and it is accessible in its underground section, for

Villa Medici

inspections and audits. Even traveled by boat: it is an average width of 1.50meters and reaches a depth of 43 meters!

The famous ‘Snail stairway of the Villa Medici‘, allows access to the Aqueduct from the Spanish Steps.


……………………………………………………………see you!

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