Watch out to the walls!

Rome, the eternal city, crossed the Tiber
Rome, so hard to live, for its old streets and lanes of San Pietrini so delicate!

Rome, which will charm you with its secret corners and its history… such as that of plaques that commemorate the many floods of the Tiber, which over the centuries have devastated this proud city!

Yes, there are about sixty  floods, the first dates back to 414 BC, but the flooding of the city seems to have been even 132!

Not to forget these tragedies, which often resulted in death, over the years, the plaques and water meters were affixed to the walls of Rome, in places where the water had reached truly remarkable heights, as in Via di Ripetta, more than 16 meters!

One of these floods in late 1600, the highest and most devastating, caused the collapse of the three arches of the Bridge of Senators, which was not rebuilt and took the nickname of “Broken Bridge”!

So, while strolling through the streets of Rome, watch out to the walls!

………………………………………………..see you!

2 thoughts on “Watch out to the walls!

  1. Lost in Town, “Each cobble stone has been turned each spring, on each facet – for hundreds, some thousands of years: When in Rome walk reverently”: I feel this message percolating from your posts…At least it was the way I felt, when in Rome…Thanks for sharing these treasures!

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