“Putting on the same line of sight, the heart, the mind and the eye.”

“Putting on the same line of sight, the heart, the mind and the eye.”

This was the thought of Henri Cartier Bresson, the great photographer of the moment and eternity!

This exhibition is a journey between his art and the memories of his best friends, the thoughts of other great artists, historians, photographers and intellectuals who knew him

The exhibition is titled in fact, Images and Words, and  narrative voices will accompany you as a guide.

The artist who knew how to make a seemingly insignificant moment, a masterpiece…

I love the black and white, even if it seems easier, not at all.

Here are his ten lessons for “photos from the road”:

– Focusing on the geometry
– Be patient
– travel
– Be faithful to a single goal
– Photographing children
– Not be intrusive
– Look at the world as a painter
– Do not cut photos
– Not develop the photos yourself
– Think of the next photograph.

Cartier Bresson was not jealous of his pictures, like all geniuses, he was generous…

HENRI CARTIER BRESSON: “Immagini e Parole”
PALAZZO INCONTRO, Via dei Prefetti 22, Roma
Tuesday to Sunday 10.00 to 19.00
Tickets: 6 euros 

3 thoughts on ““Putting on the same line of sight, the heart, the mind and the eye.”

  1. Thank you Theadora! Of course there is a catalogue, published by CONTRASTO, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Images and Words, 44 images, each accompanied by one or two comments from a representative of the culture,do not miss!!!

    1. This is fantastic news, Lost in Town ! Thank you for taking the time to dig up the info on the catalog. I really appreciate it! I bet it’s a beauty. (And I love today’s tip about Art Nouveau!) Your site is full of great tips and historical tidbits. Cheers! Theadora

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