Art Nouveau and Liberty Stained Glass at Villa Torlonia Museum

European history is fascinating. Each country can tell us his personal tradition, made up of conquests, wars, pain, peace treaties, economic booms and misery, and art, art, art and more art.

One of the artistic periods, more coy, is undoubtedly that of Art Nouveau. In Rome, in the early ’20s, exploded the Art Nouveau, and began to appear beautiful stained windows glass, painted on fire!

Eclectic art, at the beginning, offered mainly medieval figures, to meet the demands of the bourgeoisie. But soon after, appeared geometric shapes and natural themes. The windows became important decorative element of the domestic spaces.

English: Coat of arms of House of Torlonia, Vi...

You may see an example of the Art of glass is  the ” CASINA DELLE CIVETTE ” ( “House of the Owls” of the noble Torlonia family) that currently has become the Museum of  Liberty Stained  Glass.

English: Villa Torlonia (Rome), interior
Image via Wikipedia

Here you can even see the evolution of the artistic technique, admiring the light that illuminates swans, peacocks, owls and migratory birds, butterflies and roses… that come to life from those wonderful windows.

In addition, the park where the CASINA DELLE CIVETTE is , is really nice….

Via Nomentana 70
Every day from 9:00 to 19.00
INFO. +39 060608
Ticket: 4 euros

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