Cross the art from “side to side”…

You are close to Piazza Navona?
Then do not miss a visit to Palazzo Braschi, that currently houses the Museo di Roma

Italiano: Roma, Palazzo Braschi

Palazzo Braschi,1500, stands on a trapeze between, Via Pasquino, Piazza Navona, Via della Cuccagna and Piazza San Pantaleo.

You can get both from Piazza Navona and from Piazza San Pantaleo: you will cross the building from side to side.

statues on a staircase, palazzo braschi


The atrium reaches the beautiful staircase of Valadier, that for the two ramps, used 18 columns of red granite, of the hospital of Santo Spirito, originating probably from the villa of Agrippina’s, first century. A.D.

Palazzo Braschi


Inside the magnificent Palace, you can admire a splendid collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, furniture, clothing, ceramics, photographs and frescoes, scattered in three apartments in the three floors of the Palace.
You can also see ancient carriages and sedan chairs. 



Enter from Piazza di San Pantaleo or Piazza Navona
Tuesday to Sunday, from 10.00  to 20.00
Info:+39 060608
Tickets:9 euros 

…………………………………………………………….see you!

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