Pasta, pasta and more pasta.

You walk to the center of Rome and came peckish?

I can say that this suggestion is just right: Il Pastificio in  Via della Croce.

Pasta, pasta and more pasta.

Two or three sauces to try on a dish of fresh pasta, made precisely the same day, by the Pastificio.
It ‘s a small shop, which is equipped for the lunch hour, and prepare tasty meals to eat quickly.
There you will have to adapt to eating often standing, because there are no tables, but only a few stools, and you will find a large number of young people doing the lunch break!

Instead of the usual sandwich…

Gnocchi, fettuccine, trenette, depends on the day!

Il Pastificio
Via della Croce 8, Roma
From 4 to 6 euros a portion 

5 thoughts on “Pasta, pasta and more pasta.

    1. Ten minutes away there is Villa Borghese, a beautiful park! And in a future post I will indicate a charming restaurant, which also prepares picnic baskets …..

      1. Wow! Villa Borghese and its galleria look amazing. It has works by Bernini and Carnova, along with Titian, Raphael and Caravaggio. And the Temple of Aesculapius is exquisite. Another great tip for a future trip to Rome. Again, thanks!! I’m keeping them in a little notebook. (I’m looking forward to the picnic basket post!) Theadora

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