Piazza di Spagna

Here is THE square par excellence: Piazza di Spagna.

In your trip to Rome … you will definitely pass here.

You will walk in the crowd (always) and venture on the famous steps …

Not everyone knows that for designing the fountain in the center of the square, called “Barcaccia“, Bernini was inspired by an old boat beached during the overflowing of the river Tiber in the 15th century.

If you are romantic, do not miss a carriage ride on the characteristic “Botticella“, through the ancient streets of Rome!

But, if you are a little hungry, I recommend a stop for a quick lunch by GINA, right at the top of the climb Via San Sebastianello (on the left, facing the stairs) …

Or, even if it is not “Italian style”, a delicious stop by Babington’s, not only tea rooms… a real treat!

See you!



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