The Ace of Cups legend in Rome

The historic center of Rome awaits you with its beautiful fountains.
Among all, of course, the Trevi Fountain!

The Ace of Cups legend in Rome

But here I want to tell you about what you will never find in the guidebooks: The legend of the ACE OF CUPS.

This sculpture was baptized by  Roman people, The ace of Cups, because it recalls the figure of the playing card.

The Ace of Cups legend in Rome
It is said that this travertine vase-shaped sculpture, built by the architect Salvi (who designed the Trevi Fountain), was positioned to prevent the vision of the fountain to a barber who tormented him with negative opinions about the work!

Whims of the artist!

TREVI - The Ace of Cups in Rome


Of course, the Trevi Fountain, remains a destination for romantics who throw a coin to return to Rome, but also couples of lovers….


If two of you will drink at the fountain on the right, precisely in the Fountain of the Lovers, you will be together forever! Just try it!TREVI- the Ace of Cups legend in Rome(ps: it’s right next to the Ace of Cups!)

L’Asso di Coppe – The Ace of Cups

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