Parma: the “Ville en rose”

  • PARMA – Northern of Italy

If you are in northern Italy, one hour from Milan, you will find the city of Parma, the “Ville en rose”, famous for its Prosciutto and Parmesan cheese, known all over the world!

BUT, it is not only the culinary specialties that attract so many visitors! Parma is rich in history, the Duomo, the Churches, the Baptistery, the very famous Teatro Regio which hosts fantastic programs of classical music every season.

Parma "the ville en rose"

Visiting these churches will make you discover beautiful paintings and statues, decorated floors and ancient organs…





Frequent are the references in Parma to his Napoleonic past and to the Imperial Princess and Archduchess of Austria Maria Luigia …


Then, a nice quiet walk, through the streets and alleys of a small town that moves by bike, among well-kept shops and lovely restaurants.


In short, find out about the concerts and plan to stop in Parma at least one night …. it is an elegant but “young city”, full of Italian and foreign university students

Not to be missed!

Parma "the ville en rose"

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2 thoughts on “Parma: the “Ville en rose”

    1. Thank you Debra… And If you like bargains…Don’t miss a visit at the FIDENZA OUTLET VILLAGE, just half un hour from Parma. It is one of the best Fashion Outlet in Italy 😃

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