The Liberty of Galleria Sciarra in Rome

From the historic center  you can head to Piazza Venezia, but I suggest you to make a stop at the Galleria Sciarra, in Via delle Muratte,  near Via del Corso.Immagine 4

The building, along with the nearby Teatro Quirino, was restored in the 1800 and was commissioned by Prince Maffeo Sciarra. The gallery is white and red with the decorations of  Giuseppe Cellini.IMG_5918

The theme of the decorations below is the woman in the role of wife, mother, educator and leading mind of the house.

In the upper band are instead represented other women who personify the feminine virtues: loyalty, humility and justice.IMG_5915

Virtues are represented in scenes of bourgeois life: Gardening, Conversation, Culinary skills, Musical entertainment, Exhortation to charity, Vanity, Marriage, Care of children.IMG_5914

Then, if you have a little peckish … I recommend a stop at  ANTICA BIRRERIA PERONI– (OLD BREWERY PERONI), in Via di San Marcello 19,within walking distance… 
Immagine 5

with his “kitchen that is good for the mood” and its famous real ales.
Immagine 7

“Chi beve birra, campa cent’anni!”- Beer drinkers, lives a hundred years!

Immagine 6

Galleria Sciarra, Via  delle Muratte

Birreria Peroni, Via di San Marcello 19

See you!

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A very special FLAT sandwich!

A little hungry?

Between a walk and a visit to a museum, if you do not want to waste time and eat something quick but tasty, I recommend you to stop at this delicious sandwich bar: La Sandwicheria!

Just a stone’s throw from the Trevi Fountain, this delightful little shop welcomes you with its blackboards on the walls, where you can choose from a wide variety of sandwiches …

The owners are very kind and smart, so the service is fast and attentive!

Special flattened bread, stuffed with tasty sauces and ingredients of excellent quality.

I stopped there just a few days ago and… it’s worth it!

…………………………………………………………………………see you!

Largo del  Nazareno 16, Roma
Info:+39 0669797805 

Table outside, even in January, in Roma

You are walking in the center of Rome?

Near to the Pantheon? Try this restaurant: Osteria dell’Ingegno!

It ‘better to book because it is always crowded at lunch, given its proximity to the offices of Prime Minister’s office and the Chamber.

It ‘a nice restaurant, friendly, and the soups are to try!
Excellent desserts: creme brulee with orange caramel sauce and bitter orange and ginger cooked pear in caramel sauce with red wine and chocolate…

Piazza di Pietra 45, Roma
info: +39 066780662
closed on Sunday