Small treasures in the center of Rome…

You are walking in the historic center of Rome?
Before making a stop (recommended) to Ciampini Bar in Piazza S. Lorenzo in Lucina for an ice cream cone, you should definitely pay a visit to DODI Boutique in Vicolo Torretta.

Follow the palm trees … in front of the small boutique!
Then, madame Dodi welcomes you to “make you plunge” in this little wishing well.
Not only clothes, but also bags (divine!) and accessories from select fashion.

Then continue in the Vicolo della Torretta up to the number 60, where you will find a lovely local  restaurant “Vini  e Buffet”, simple and unpretentious, with great value for money. Suggestions for the afternoon?
A walking aimlessly in the nearby Via di Campo Marzio, to the ancient Church of S. Maria in Campomarzio. (VIII century).

This church, although the Roman obedience, is a temple Catholic Eastern Rite of Antioch, and the religious function there is still celebrated in Aramaic airo-palistenese, the language that was spoken the time of Jesus Christ.

FASHION: DODI Boutique, Vicolo della Torretta 18, Roma
FOOD: “Vini e Buffet” Restaurant, Vicolo della Torretta 60
ART: Chiesa di S. Maria in Campomarzio, 45/a


Debut in Society

This is an event “of the past”…

The National Historical Dance Society organizes Dancing Tea parties, exclusive and elegant, from 15.30 to 19.00, that will cast you in a magical atmosphere.

It combines the pleasure and magic of the Great 1800 Balls, to the fine round of afternoon tea, with a nice buffet, listening to great music and dancing …

The National Historical Dance Society is, in Italy, the legitimate prosecution of  the tradition of Ball of Debutantes.
The Ball of Debutantes has a history dating back to the eighteenth century.
Within the palaces, in a blaze of candles, mirrors and gilded stucco, aristocratic girls shyly made their entrance into society and at times surprisingly found her prince charming.


If you can not attend a Debutante Ball, you can at least be protagonists for a day, complete with a Grandmaster of the Ceremony, which will involve you in learning the dances 800, even if you’ve never danced!

The clothing can be contemporary.

Tea Dances
Museo Nazionale delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari

Piazza Marconi 8/10 – ROMA EUR
Info: +39 2 2 800 800

“No man can make you feel safe, like a cashmere coat and a pair of black glasses.”(Coco)

Crazy weather in Rome, but the sunny days are still cold.
What’s better than a nice cashmere sweater?

A purchase of great value, with the charm of Italian fashion …

I guess that’s something you can not miss in the closet, because they are useful in both summer and winter.

Or, as Coco Chanel: “No man can make you feel safe, like a cashmere coat and a pair of black glasses.”


Passing through the center, walking to the Pantheon, take a look at the window at number 31 in Via Campo Marzio…

A specialized and funny cashmere shop,,,, not the usual cashmere.



Rienzi, Cashmere Shop
Via Campo Marzio 31, Roma

………………………………………………………………………….see you!