Small treasures in the center of Rome…

You are walking in the historic center of Rome?
Before making a stop (recommended) to Ciampini Bar in Piazza S. Lorenzo in Lucina for an ice cream cone, you should definitely pay a visit to DODI Boutique in Vicolo Torretta.

Follow the palm trees … in front of the small boutique!
Then, madame Dodi welcomes you to “make you plunge” in this little wishing well.
Not only clothes, but also bags (divine!) and accessories from select fashion.

Then continue in the Vicolo della Torretta up to the number 60, where you will find a lovely local  restaurant “Vini  e Buffet”, simple and unpretentious, with great value for money. Suggestions for the afternoon?
A walking aimlessly in the nearby Via di Campo Marzio, to the ancient Church of S. Maria in Campomarzio. (VIII century).

This church, although the Roman obedience, is a temple Catholic Eastern Rite of Antioch, and the religious function there is still celebrated in Aramaic airo-palistenese, the language that was spoken the time of Jesus Christ.

FASHION: DODI Boutique, Vicolo della Torretta 18, Roma
FOOD: “Vini e Buffet” Restaurant, Vicolo della Torretta 60
ART: Chiesa di S. Maria in Campomarzio, 45/a


The “fin de siècle” classical music.

opdracht 3e symfonie van Bruckner aan Wagner
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Anton Bruckner, the great Austrian symphonist worshiping Wagner, tonight will be conducted by Pappano, in a definitely magnificent classical concert!

The repertoire includes Bruckner’s Eighth Symphony, and promises to excite with the power and vehemence.

In his lively career as a composer, took the influences of Wagner, List, and Berlioz, in the Vienna of “fin de siecle”, had many difficulties because of real boycotters of his music!


Auditorium Parco della Musica, Viale Pietro de Coiubertin
Ticket: from 18 to 50 euros
Telephone presale with credit card:
 Italy tel. 892982, from abroad +39 02 600 60 900

Small, medium and MAXXI!

MAXXI – National Museum of the 21st Century Ar...
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Small, medium and MAXXI!

MAXXI is the National Museum of the Arts, of the XXI century, in Rome. Do not miss it!
MAXXI is the first Italian national museum devoted to contemporary creativity. 

One of the exhibits on display at this time is: THREE-DIMENSIONAL.

An interesting installation that should be visited via 3 overlapping terraces, starting from the works of Salvadori, Mochetti, Munoz, Shuttle and West …

Via Guido Reni, 4, Rome
Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri-Sun 11:00 to 19:00
Sat 11:00 to 22:00 Tickets: 11 euros
Info: +39.06.39967350

I VETRI A ROMA at Forum Romanum

Visiting the ancient Rome, whilst watching the archaeological panorama, I suggest you do not miss this gem: I VETRI A ROMA -The glass in Rome.

Glass. Precious, delicate, this is a show dedicated entirelyto the art of glass.

Rome, Forum Romanum
Rome, Forum Romanum (Photo credit: batigolix)

In a beautiful environment, the Curia Iulia, in the Roman Forum, you can see around 300 pieces of pottery, jewelry and mosaics, which date back to the II century. BC.

This was one of the most fertile periods, in glass processing, in ancient Rome.

With the techniques learned in travels in the East, the artistic production reached amazing levels!

Curia Julia, Foro Romano
Tickets: 12 euros
Monday to Sunday
(with the same ticket, you can enter the Colosseum and thePalatine Hill)

The mystical union of peoples throughout the world…

Rome is the richest city in the world of  Churches and places of worship.

You will not see them all, and anyway, the richer ones for art masterpieces and history, are the most popular!

A stone’s throw from the Pantheon, the Church of  St. Ignazio di Loyola, is worth avisit.
The frescoes and the fake dome (to see).

And, once you enter, on the right welcomes you the plastic wood of the Temple of Christus Rex.

Around this huge Temple dedicated to Christus Rex, were placed several Temples of various ethnic and religious professions, symbolizing the mystical union of peoples throughout the world.

A work that is worth seeing!

And when you leave, stop and admire the opposite building: it looks like the wings of a theater, like a stage set by the buildings… fascinating!

Chiesa di Sant’Ignazio di Loyola
Campo Marzio, Roma

Evita – La Duarte. The courage of a woman who has become a myth

Who loves Tango?
Passion and history, blended together in a dance that can tell a lot…

I suggest for this evening, a Theater-dance:
Evita – La Duarte. The courage of a woman who has become a myth “ that celebrates Evita Peron, sixty years of death.

L’étoile Eleonora Cassano recalls the visit of the first lady of Argentina, in 1947, and represent with the dance, the courage, the passion,the shocking strength of the woman who changed the Argentina.

A “room – museum” is preserved intact since then in the Embassy Residence of Argentina in Rome.
The show was declared of Cultural Interest and is sponsored by the Secretariat of Culture of the Presidency of the Republic of Argentina, the Ministry of Culture of Buenos Aires and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Argentina.

Then continue from March 20 his tournée in Italy.

“Evita – La Duarte”
Teatro Olimpico – International Festival of Roman Philharmonic Dance Academy at 21.00 Piazza Gentile da Fabriano 17, Rome
Tickets: from 20 to 30 euro
INFO: +39
Pronto Taxi – Tel 06.6645 (save 10% on routes to and from the Teatro Olimpico) 

Debut in Society

This is an event “of the past”…

The National Historical Dance Society organizes Dancing Tea parties, exclusive and elegant, from 15.30 to 19.00, that will cast you in a magical atmosphere.

It combines the pleasure and magic of the Great 1800 Balls, to the fine round of afternoon tea, with a nice buffet, listening to great music and dancing …

The National Historical Dance Society is, in Italy, the legitimate prosecution of  the tradition of Ball of Debutantes.
The Ball of Debutantes has a history dating back to the eighteenth century.
Within the palaces, in a blaze of candles, mirrors and gilded stucco, aristocratic girls shyly made their entrance into society and at times surprisingly found her prince charming.


If you can not attend a Debutante Ball, you can at least be protagonists for a day, complete with a Grandmaster of the Ceremony, which will involve you in learning the dances 800, even if you’ve never danced!

The clothing can be contemporary.

Tea Dances
Museo Nazionale delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari

Piazza Marconi 8/10 – ROMA EUR
Info: +39 2 2 800 800

The poetry in Wood

The ancient streets of Rome are a spectacle in itself!

Lost in the historic center, preferably not in a group, you will always find an amazing  corner, magical… and could find some artist’s atelier, often famous, like that of  Ferdinando Codognotto.

Master of  Italian sculpture in wood, known and appreciated throughout the world, there may happen to meet him, sitting in his workshop-studio while listening to Operas music, reading …

Near Piazza Navona, follow the arrows carved in wood, created by him, and like a fairy tale, take you to his world…

Follow the arrows carved in wood, created by him, and like a fairy tale, take you to his world …

So you can see some of his works closely, and if you are particularly appealing, he can also give you his catalog, with the most beautiful creations, now part of private and public collections in Japan, New York, Moscow, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo…

Via dei Pianellari 14, Roma 

Spots attack…

Are you walking down Via Sistina? You are right in the center of Rome …
The day is beautiful and, before enjoying to a relaxing aperitif, I suggest you do not miss this gem, a unique event, the exhibition of an eclectic artist: the “World of the spots” by Damien Hirst.

LSD by Damien Hirst
Image via Wikipedia

“Imagine a spots world. Every time I make a painting I delete a square. They regenerate.

Are connected with each other. “

The spot paintings are among the most iconic works of contemporary art!

The exhibition will be presented simultaneously in all eleven Gagosian galleries in the world: New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles, Athens, Geneva, Hong Kong and Rome.

More than 300 paintings, from the first commercial painting made in 1986, to the monumental paintings where no color is ever repeated, until the most recent works, some of which have patches of color only mm in diameter!
The exhibition will be celebrated by the catalog: The Complete Spot Paintings 1986-2011.

Damien Hirst – The Complete Spot Paintings, 1986-2011
Gagosian Gallery
Via Francesco Crispi 16, Rome
Info: +39 0642086498
Tuesday-Saturday 10,30-19.00
Free admission

“Permanent Error” by Pieter Hugo

March 8, Women’s Day

A good initiative, to celebrate women, muses, and Protagonists of precious artistic heritage, is an invitation to Maxxi Museum, with reduced ticket.
In additions the currently exhibitions  dealing a critical subject: Recycling.

RE-CYCLE: “Strategies for the architecture, the city and the planet.”

Duo of Monster Hands ~ Recycled Aluminum Cans
Duo of Monster Hands ~ Recycled Aluminum Cans (Photo credit: Urban Woodswalker)

This is the largest exhibition dedicated to one of the main themes of the third millennium: the recycling of waste materials.

Over 80 works including drawings, architectural projects, urban planning and landscape, in continuous dialogue with works of artists, designers and video makers.

A journey through artworks, all united from the creative reuse of waste.

Two installations are outside the museum: the project Maloca, of the Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana, and the Pavilion and Workshop in recycled material of the German collective.

Another interesting exhibition is the “Permanent Error” by Pieter Hugo:  27 shots tell disturbing portraits through an apocalyptic, technological landfill huge in Ghana.

Via Guido Reni, 4/ARoma
Special Ticket: 8 euros
Opening Hours
Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri-Sun 11:00 to 19:00
Sat 11:00 to 22:00

Pasta, pasta and more pasta.

You walk to the center of Rome and came peckish?

I can say that this suggestion is just right: Il Pastificio in  Via della Croce.

Pasta, pasta and more pasta.

Two or three sauces to try on a dish of fresh pasta, made precisely the same day, by the Pastificio.
It ‘s a small shop, which is equipped for the lunch hour, and prepare tasty meals to eat quickly.
There you will have to adapt to eating often standing, because there are no tables, but only a few stools, and you will find a large number of young people doing the lunch break!

Instead of the usual sandwich…

Gnocchi, fettuccine, trenette, depends on the day!

Il Pastificio
Via della Croce 8, Roma
From 4 to 6 euros a portion 

The passion of jota:”Bailando I Mudeéjar-Tierra”

Miguel Ángel Berna with his dance company, accompaniedlive by six musicians and a singer, enchant in this show, “Bailando I Mudeéjar-Tierra“.

Choreographer and creator of shows with an international,brings together dances of different origin, because “Mudejar…” means a mixture, what survives from the encounter of different cultures.

JOTA…  castanets and passion!


Teatro Olimpico
Piazza Gentile da Fabriano 17
at 21.00
Tel: 06 32 65 99 21
Tickets from 25 to 35 euros
Teatro Olimpico online tickets

Metaphysical painting: Giorgio de Chirico

“They say that Rome is the center of the world and thatSpanish is the center of Rome. My wife and I, therefore, we live in the center of the center of the world …”
Giorgio de Chirico

I would say yes.

Love Song by Giorgio De Chirico-1914Just in Piazza di Spagna, in fact, is the House-Museum of Giorgio de Chirico, italian painter, leading exponent of the artistic metaphysical painting.

Famous, his manikins, who began painting in the early decades of 1900.
In various metaphysical paintings, objects are totally incongruous with the context, like a rowboat in a living room.

So, before tackling the Spanish Steps, I suggest you visit this beautiful house…

Three floors of art, among his works, and romance between his canvas and brushes, in the beautiful seventeenth-century Palace of the Borgognoni.

House-Museum of  Giorgio de Chirico
Palace of the Borgognoni, No. 31 of  Piazza di Spagna
VI floor
Tickets: 7 euro
The tours are guided, in Italian and English: H 10.00-11:00 to 12:00
Info: +39 06 6796546
mail at:

…………………………………………………………………………………………………..see you!


“Rome away from Rome”

One of the most flourishing periods of art in Rome, which played the role of Capital of the Arts, and greater promoter of works and artistic models, was between 1800 and 1900.

Italiano: Roma, Palazzo Braschi - vestibolo al...
Image via Wikipedia

Ancient and “modern” found in this age, fertile and full of expectations, the impetus that led abroad the eco of the environment, culturally different and vibrant, of the second decade of 1800 in Rome.

Do not miss the exhibition that ends today at Palazzo Braschi: “Rome away from Rome.”

A collection of drawings, sketches and prints, some never exhibited before, sometimes humorous and often transgressive!

“Rome away from Rome” in the eighteenth and nineteenth-century
Palazzo Braschi ( Piazza Navona)
Tuesday-Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00
Tickets: 10 euros
Info: +39 060608

………………………………………………………………………………….see you!


Art and nature

In this period the the weather is giving us wonderful days!
So… should enjoy a walk in the beautiful park of  Villa Borghese, is just what we want.
But, we are in Rome,,,, and then could not miss a beautiful art gallery here too!

Just in the restored building called  the Orangery of  Villa Borghese, you’ll find the Museo Carlo Bilotti.
Here you can see a series of artworks by Giorgio de Chirico, alongside works by Gino 

Gino Severini – The Dance of the Pan-Pan at the “Monico” (1909-1911) – Detail (Photo credit: Cea.)”][ S ] Gino Severini - The Dance of the Pan-Pan...

Severini, Andy WarholLarry Rivers and Giacomo Manzù.

In addition to this permanent exhibition inside the museum, are also presented exhibitions of the most significant artists of our time.

If then, you are a little hungry, you can take advantage of the discount of 10% in the Cafeteria Casina del Lago, by presenting the ticket for the Museum.

Museo Carlo Bilotti, Villa Borghese’s Orangery
Viale Fiorello La Guardia – Rome
Tuesday to Sunday 9.00-19.00
Ticket: 7 euros
Visit accompanied by staff, every 30 minutes, from 9 to 18. Duration of visit 45 minutes.
Saturday and Sunday: free visit. 

………………………………………………………………………..see you!