The Liberty of Galleria Sciarra in Rome

From the historic center  you can head to Piazza Venezia, but I suggest you to make a stop at the Galleria Sciarra, in Via delle Muratte,  near Via del Corso.Immagine 4

The building, along with the nearby Teatro Quirino, was restored in the 1800 and was commissioned by Prince Maffeo Sciarra. The gallery is white and red with the decorations of  Giuseppe Cellini.IMG_5918

The theme of the decorations below is the woman in the role of wife, mother, educator and leading mind of the house.

In the upper band are instead represented other women who personify the feminine virtues: loyalty, humility and justice.IMG_5915

Virtues are represented in scenes of bourgeois life: Gardening, Conversation, Culinary skills, Musical entertainment, Exhortation to charity, Vanity, Marriage, Care of children.IMG_5914

Then, if you have a little peckish … I recommend a stop at  ANTICA BIRRERIA PERONI– (OLD BREWERY PERONI), in Via di San Marcello 19,within walking distance… 
Immagine 5

with his “kitchen that is good for the mood” and its famous real ales.
Immagine 7

“Chi beve birra, campa cent’anni!”- Beer drinkers, lives a hundred years!

Immagine 6

Galleria Sciarra, Via  delle Muratte

Birreria Peroni, Via di San Marcello 19

See you!

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Easter in Rome

I’m back ….
Rome is crowded to welcome the new Pope Francesco!
Walking is even more beautiful ….


Walking from one neighborhood to another,


exploring ancient treasures, between the sacred and the profane..


among street artists,


walking, walking is the best way to visit Rome…


or you’ll miss the most curious corners, through the streets of the historic center …


…and Happy Easter!

Piazza Navona: THE square

Piazza Navona, the symbol of Baroque Rome, is one of the most famous squares of Rome.

Its shape is that of an ancient stadium, when usually the square was flooded in August to relieve the heat.
In ancient times the square was concave, the three fountains were clogged so the water came out to flood the square and offer refreshment to the people.

Surely you will passing through Piazza Navona, visiting Rome …

At number 71, a romantic door for an unexpected surprise, The Home Suite Rome, a Luxury Relais with suitable prices to the breathtaking view…

Don’t forget to look  up….

…and all around you.

A nice lazy walk in Via Borgognona

I’d like to suggest you s a very nice walk  in the historic center of Rome…

a tiny ancient and very popular street

where the orange/yellow color of Rome is shining

one of the most elegant view in Rome

where you can avoid the crowd of Via Condotti (a step from here)

and enjoy a lovely stop

before continuing your walk….

Have a nice day!

Small treasures in the center of Rome…

You are walking in the historic center of Rome?
Before making a stop (recommended) to Ciampini Bar in Piazza S. Lorenzo in Lucina for an ice cream cone, you should definitely pay a visit to DODI Boutique in Vicolo Torretta.

Follow the palm trees … in front of the small boutique!
Then, madame Dodi welcomes you to “make you plunge” in this little wishing well.
Not only clothes, but also bags (divine!) and accessories from select fashion.

Then continue in the Vicolo della Torretta up to the number 60, where you will find a lovely local  restaurant “Vini  e Buffet”, simple and unpretentious, with great value for money. Suggestions for the afternoon?
A walking aimlessly in the nearby Via di Campo Marzio, to the ancient Church of S. Maria in Campomarzio. (VIII century).

This church, although the Roman obedience, is a temple Catholic Eastern Rite of Antioch, and the religious function there is still celebrated in Aramaic airo-palistenese, the language that was spoken the time of Jesus Christ.

FASHION: DODI Boutique, Vicolo della Torretta 18, Roma
FOOD: “Vini e Buffet” Restaurant, Vicolo della Torretta 60
ART: Chiesa di S. Maria in Campomarzio, 45/a


Where the art begins?

You’ve seen quite a few ancient ruins?

But maybe, you’ll also run into cute characters and over the top, like the artist who often “exhibits” in front of the Ara Pacis Museum!

He has a solo show, you may visiting and strolling along the wire that leads from one work to another…

Eclectic character, a true artist!
Now, with classical music appointment.
So, go straight to Piazza Navona to hear the piano concert, with music by Chopin, Rachmaninoff and Liszt.

St. Agnese in Agone
Piazza Navona, Rome
Concerts in the Borromini Sacristy
at 19.00
Tickets: € 10, entering the Church

Discovering Rome…

While strolling trought the center of Rome you may reach unusual buildings such as Palazzo Antici Mattei, built between 1598 and 1618, one of the most prestigious examples of seventeenth century in Rome, and seat of the Center for American Studies.

Its rooms were frescoed by  painters from the early years of the seventeenth century, including Domenichino, Pietro da Cortona, Pomarancio and Albani.
The Center often hosts writers, artists, experts in political affairs and American intellectuals for public meetings.

Furthermore, there is a wonderful Library that houses collection of more than 50,000 books available for reading!



Via Michelangelo Caetani,32
Opening on Monday, Thursday from 9.00 to 6.00pm
and Friday from 9.00 to 2.00pm

Bufalo Ferrajoli Palace

Do you like historical buildings?

If you are lucky, you can spend a little time to visit the Palazzo del BufaloFerrajoli, which dates back to medieval times. The building can be visited only during parties, congresses and exhibitions.

Right downtown, close to Piazza Colonna and Via del Corso, this Palace has been the residence of Ferrajoli from ‘800, with the vast halls of the main floor with a breathtaking view of Piazza Colonna and the private apartments of the Marquess Giuseppe.

It ‘s interesting for the furniture, frescoes, coffered ceilings, and wonderful wallpapers!

Then, if you have a bit of appetite, enjoy a sandwich, at “The Sandwicheria”, in Via del Nazareno 16, just 5 minutes walk from the Palace!
Have a look on the GOOD FOOD button, on the right!
Piazza Colonna 355, Rome
Info +39 06 69200497

Hall of the Catoptrics Meridian at Palazzo Spada

Another famous historic Rome’s Palace is Palazzo Spada,of 1500, which houses the State Council.

Roma, piazza Capodiferro e Palazzo Spada
Roma, piazza Capodiferro e Palazzo Spada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the center of Rome, is famous for the optical illusion of Borromini, visible from thecourtyard, and the collection of paintings of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

But not everyone knows the Noble floor of the Palace!

Closed to the public, EXCEPT the first Sunday of each month, will amaze you with the Galleria degli Stucchi, the Hall of the Four Seasons, the Hall of Pompey …

A must see, the Hall of the Catoptrics Meridian of 1644, which is based on a point of light reflection and not on  a shadow!

Piazza Capo di Ferro 13, Rome
Info: +39 06 87905747 – +39 347 8249859
Tickets: 15 euros
A reservation is required, the visit is guided 

The San Luca Academy of fine Arts

Palazzo Carpegna, is an historic building, right next to Fontana di Trevi, that is worth a visit for its history and superb collections of works of art.  In the collection you can see Domenichino, Guido Reni, Canova…

Palazzo Carpegna in Rome, Museum and Accademia...

Inside the Palace of 1500, transformed and enlarged by Francesco Borromini, is based, The Accademia  di San Luca, structured into three categories: painting, sculpture and architecture, aimed at promoting the fine arts.

The highest office of the Accademia di San Luca, was represented by a Prince,until 1812, presiding over 180 National and Foreign Academicians.

Domenichino - Portrait of Guido Reni - WGA06402

In short, a melting pot of culture!

From the earliest statutes prescribed that each Academic, at the time the nomination, would leave as gift, a sample of his art.


Piazza dell’Accademia di San Luca 77,  Roma
Monday to Saturday from 10.00 am to 14.00

The “fin de siècle” classical music.

opdracht 3e symfonie van Bruckner aan Wagner
Image via Wikipedia

Anton Bruckner, the great Austrian symphonist worshiping Wagner, tonight will be conducted by Pappano, in a definitely magnificent classical concert!

The repertoire includes Bruckner’s Eighth Symphony, and promises to excite with the power and vehemence.

In his lively career as a composer, took the influences of Wagner, List, and Berlioz, in the Vienna of “fin de siecle”, had many difficulties because of real boycotters of his music!


Auditorium Parco della Musica, Viale Pietro de Coiubertin
Ticket: from 18 to 50 euros
Telephone presale with credit card:
 Italy tel. 892982, from abroad +39 02 600 60 900

Small, medium and MAXXI!

MAXXI – National Museum of the 21st Century Ar...
Image via Wikipedia

Small, medium and MAXXI!

MAXXI is the National Museum of the Arts, of the XXI century, in Rome. Do not miss it!
MAXXI is the first Italian national museum devoted to contemporary creativity. 

One of the exhibits on display at this time is: THREE-DIMENSIONAL.

An interesting installation that should be visited via 3 overlapping terraces, starting from the works of Salvadori, Mochetti, Munoz, Shuttle and West …

Via Guido Reni, 4, Rome
Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri-Sun 11:00 to 19:00
Sat 11:00 to 22:00 Tickets: 11 euros
Info: +39.06.39967350

I VETRI A ROMA at Forum Romanum

Visiting the ancient Rome, whilst watching the archaeological panorama, I suggest you do not miss this gem: I VETRI A ROMA -The glass in Rome.

Glass. Precious, delicate, this is a show dedicated entirelyto the art of glass.

Rome, Forum Romanum
Rome, Forum Romanum (Photo credit: batigolix)

In a beautiful environment, the Curia Iulia, in the Roman Forum, you can see around 300 pieces of pottery, jewelry and mosaics, which date back to the II century. BC.

This was one of the most fertile periods, in glass processing, in ancient Rome.

With the techniques learned in travels in the East, the artistic production reached amazing levels!

Curia Julia, Foro Romano
Tickets: 12 euros
Monday to Sunday
(with the same ticket, you can enter the Colosseum and thePalatine Hill)

The mystical union of peoples throughout the world…

Rome is the richest city in the world of  Churches and places of worship.

You will not see them all, and anyway, the richer ones for art masterpieces and history, are the most popular!

A stone’s throw from the Pantheon, the Church of  St. Ignazio di Loyola, is worth avisit.
The frescoes and the fake dome (to see).

And, once you enter, on the right welcomes you the plastic wood of the Temple of Christus Rex.

Around this huge Temple dedicated to Christus Rex, were placed several Temples of various ethnic and religious professions, symbolizing the mystical union of peoples throughout the world.

A work that is worth seeing!

And when you leave, stop and admire the opposite building: it looks like the wings of a theater, like a stage set by the buildings… fascinating!

Chiesa di Sant’Ignazio di Loyola
Campo Marzio, Roma

Evita – La Duarte. The courage of a woman who has become a myth

Who loves Tango?
Passion and history, blended together in a dance that can tell a lot…

I suggest for this evening, a Theater-dance:
Evita – La Duarte. The courage of a woman who has become a myth “ that celebrates Evita Peron, sixty years of death.

L’étoile Eleonora Cassano recalls the visit of the first lady of Argentina, in 1947, and represent with the dance, the courage, the passion,the shocking strength of the woman who changed the Argentina.

A “room – museum” is preserved intact since then in the Embassy Residence of Argentina in Rome.
The show was declared of Cultural Interest and is sponsored by the Secretariat of Culture of the Presidency of the Republic of Argentina, the Ministry of Culture of Buenos Aires and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Argentina.

Then continue from March 20 his tournée in Italy.

“Evita – La Duarte”
Teatro Olimpico – International Festival of Roman Philharmonic Dance Academy at 21.00 Piazza Gentile da Fabriano 17, Rome
Tickets: from 20 to 30 euro
INFO: +39
Pronto Taxi – Tel 06.6645 (save 10% on routes to and from the Teatro Olimpico)