I VETRI A ROMA at Forum Romanum

Visiting the ancient Rome, whilst watching the archaeological panorama, I suggest you do not miss this gem: I VETRI A ROMA -The glass in Rome.

Glass. Precious, delicate, this is a show dedicated entirelyto the art of glass.

Rome, Forum Romanum
Rome, Forum Romanum (Photo credit: batigolix)

In a beautiful environment, the Curia Iulia, in the Roman Forum, you can see around 300 pieces of pottery, jewelry and mosaics, which date back to the II century. BC.

This was one of the most fertile periods, in glass processing, in ancient Rome.

With the techniques learned in travels in the East, the artistic production reached amazing levels!

Curia Julia, Foro Romano
Tickets: 12 euros
Monday to Sunday
(with the same ticket, you can enter the Colosseum and thePalatine Hill)

A Million Dollar(Sesterzi) Baby

Women,  throughout history, have been subject to abuse, harassment, discrimination … and the journey is still long.

However, history tells us precisely than in past centuries, our ancestors have fought in search of emancipation.

English: Colosseum, Rome, August 2007

If you will come to Rome, the Colosseum will be definitely one of your goals and, admiring this masterpiece, you will try to imagine how many fights and battles were fought precisely in that arena!

Just here, even the Roman women were performing as gladiators. The women fought as gladiators men, and also competed in athletic competitions!
A famous misogyny Orator of ancient RomeGiovenale, in his satire, dated around 100 AD, made fun of women devoted to the legal profession, or who were passionate about domestic and foreign politics.


All these testimonies of the past, help us to understand that history surely teaches, but it is up to us grow in the right direction.

P.s: The SESTERZI, were one of the coins in use in the Roman Empire, around 117 AD.

…………………………………………………………………see you!