The passion of jota:”Bailando I Mudeéjar-Tierra”

Miguel Ángel Berna with his dance company, accompaniedlive by six musicians and a singer, enchant in this show, “Bailando I Mudeéjar-Tierra“.

Choreographer and creator of shows with an international,brings together dances of different origin, because “Mudejar…” means a mixture, what survives from the encounter of different cultures.

JOTA…  castanets and passion!


Teatro Olimpico
Piazza Gentile da Fabriano 17
at 21.00
Tel: 06 32 65 99 21
Tickets from 25 to 35 euros
Teatro Olimpico online tickets

I saw a mermaid in Rome

Here is an address for the real fashion victims: Via delle Carrozze 81.

What will you find?
Swimwear but… Haute Couture.

Each swimsuit is a work of art, almost tailor-made, combined with long sarong, or shorts, tops, tunics, trousers …
In the boutique there is a feeling of times past, a little Saint Tropez, a little “sixty”!

The Roman aristocracy, and not only, frequent this boutique for the quality and, above all, the uniqueness of its swimsuits!

Considering the prices, (several hundred euros each), they offer a  repair and maintenance  swimsuit’s service!

Who wears a swimsuit of these, made ​​by hand with unique details and fabrics, it will always feel “dressed”!

It is not by chance that many swimsuits for several films, have been created by this brand!

Definitely an investment… but they can also be used as tops for evening wear!

Via delle Carrozze 81, Roma
Info:+39 066793946 

…………………………………………………………see you…splash!

Contest: It ‘s time to shoot!!

It ‘s time to shoot!

The exhibition: – The History of Human Diversity – at Palazzo delle Esposizioni, in Roma, expands the boundaries in mobilizing the new film creativity.

The best short films that tell stories of travel, migration, exploration, adventure, exploitation of the planet, cultural differences between conflict, exchanges, and humans and the scientific development…. will be selected for an exhibition event at the Palais des Expositions to be held in January 2012 and will be rewarded by leading exponents of Italian cinema and criticism.

Two sections in which the competition will be divided:

1) Previews, reserved for unpublished short films and produced specifically for the project;
2) Second time, open to work previously produced, and based on to the central themes of the exhibition.

Will be allowed short fiction films, and documentaries of animation, with the maximum duration of 20 minutes. Must be received by December 15, 2011.

It ‘s time to shoot!
Info and Contact:
Entry Form and Rules

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