Italian Cuisine

Christmas is approaching,,,,

If you are in Rome and you have a morning free …. why not give yourself a different gift?

As learn to cook some delicious Italian dish! Impress your guests with a typical Italian dish…. priceless!

In the center of Rome, in Via dei Gracchi, I have stumbled in ♨ atavolaconlochef Cooking School!

As well as organizing professional training courses, also offers the opportunity to attend Morning full immersion lessons, to learn the secrets of traditional Italian dishes, after the lessons of Chef Helle Poulsen, dedicated to small groups of foreigners speaking English or DanishThe course is entirely practical with students’ active participation!

She is the author, along with her husband Alfredo Tesio, of many Italian cookbooks dedicated to the Danish people and has participated in several television programs in Denmark, always on Italian cuisine, of which she is a true ambassador. 

COURSES In Foreign languages
November 16  and  23  
December 2
Are accepted individual bookings
Via dei Gracchi, 60, Roma
INFO: +39 063222096

………………….see you!


What’s better than good knives in the kitchen?
But, if you are traveling, will be complicated load them in your suitcase..

Good knives, you know, are the basis of good cuisine!

They are as the brushes for a painter…

If you want a right place to find some nice presents, always welcome, for your eventual Italian hosts… I would say that C.U.C.I.N.A shop, in via Gioacchino Belli 21,  can propose you some funny ideas!

Hoping that should never be used, the metal container for medicine, an“emergency kit” where you can possibly get ….delicious chocolates!

Or, if your vacation was very pleasant (and I hope so!), a set of very nice wooden heart-shaped trays.

Or the cute snack makers, to decorate the delicious snacks, that you will make your guests, the return of your trip in Italy!

Ps: if you will be in Rome on 22 October, and you know a little bit of Italian, try to participate in the free lesson on how to decorate cupcakes!

via Gioachino Belli 21,Roma                                                      ….. see you!