The Smell of Bread in Roma

1 kg of flour , 30 g of yeast , salt to taste  a little bit of  warm water.

This is the Bread.

1) Place the flour on the table, dissolve yeast in warm water and salt, pour it in the middle of the fountain.
2) Add more warm water. Knead the dough for 20 minutes continuously and with a lot of energy.
3) Place it in a bowl, floured, cover with cloth and let rise in a warm place for 3 hours. The pasta will double in volume.
4) At this point take it with wet hands and give it the preferred form. Bake it (must be pre-heated oven) and cook until the crust is crisp!

If you’re walking around Rome and… have a peckish,
then, you have to make a stop at Panificio Colapicchioni , in Via Tacito 76.

Famous bakery, not only for the bread but, especially, for the white pizza!

I always go there at 12.00 am!

see you… 😉

Taste of Wonderful Italian Wines in Rome!

How about a taste of the wonderful Italian wines?

On 20 September GO WINE, an exclusive event, offers a tasting of fine wines at

the Hotel Quirinale in Rome, Via Nazionale 7, near Piazza della Repubblica.

Meeting every September in Rome to present the best local wines Italian. Many companies will be important to introduce their products directly to the public, with a tasting.

From 19.00 the event will be open to the public, the cost is 15euro …. but …..ask for the possibility of free admission for those who will join in GO WINE directly to the entry desk!

I personally prefer Red wines, robust and tannic, as a Cabernet from Friuli!

🙂 See you!

Get married in Rome…♡


September is one of  the most romantic months in Rome!

Every Sunday in September and October, especially in the historic center

you will be accompanied by the sounds of honking cars that are driving couple to the wedding!

If you see the exit of the couple from a church ….. do not be caught unprepared  and  thrown on them a few grains of rice!

This is a wish for the new couple, for  happiness, health and money …

If any of you think of getting married in Rome …. let me know,,,,,,

I could give you some valuable ideas!