Missing a “pass-partout” dress…

Today in Rome the weather is not the best!
Are you missing a “pass-partout” dress?

Something like a wrapping  shawl for the first cold? Preferably in silk or in  precious velvet?

Thè Verde, Via Vittoria, 23

Via Vittoria is exactly  in the center of Roma! And you will find Thé Verde, just following the scent of marvelous essences, which will lead you right in front of the store!

Here you’ll find accessories, but also dresses and “solutions” that  can reinvent even the most dull wardrobe!

The precious scarves, the cool soft, unstructured jackets…

For all the world travelers women that are in Rome now…

This was my last purchase there:
a little black dress! 100 euros

……. see you!